The Butterfly Bazaar is full of wonderful things to browse, enjoy, eat and purchase from our handpicked food stalls, market traders, organisations and charity awareness stands.  We want you to take the festival experience home with you to hug the beautiful festival memories you create whilst at Glas-Denbury! A multitude of friendly faces, colourful goodies and delicious foods await you in the Butterfly Bazaar.

The Beach Bar

The Glas-Denbury Beach Bar serves a wide range of drinks at really good prices, either in line with or lower than pub prices.  We use local suppliers and offer a range of local real ale and cider.  We have the friendliest and most fun bar staff in the world so come and have a drink with them – you never know when they may break into song!

“Cocktails and Dreams”

Serving cocktails, Gin and Prosecco and of course jugs and jugs of Pimms full of fruit and topped off with a little mint ! Come and meet the bubbly team for some colourful caribbean fun!

“We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children – refill not landfill”

REUSEABLE CUPS for the bar or to take home as a souvenir! Pay a £1 when you first arrive for a cup and reuse / swap for clean one through the festival.

Glas-Denbury is passionate about recycling and lowering it’s carbon footprint, preserving our planet for future generations. We want to reduce the plastic that goes to landfill every year and make your drinking experience better – so we use reuseable cups on site. Every piece of plastic ever made and disposed of in landfill still exists and placing plastic in landfill contaminates our land.  Single use plastic cups are one of the greatest pollutants in the world. Did you know a disposable cup is used for an average of 20 minutes?  We therefore need to treat plastic as a reusable commodity and we need to stop plastic going into landfill where it takes thousands of years to biodegrade and together we need to be using reusable rather than disposable products. Together we must meet the high standards of low carbon usage and waste reduction if we are to protect our planet for future generations.

Rebel Town Pizza

Hi, we’re Rebel Town Pizza and we are super excited to be returning to Glas-Denbury again in 2018! Our wood fired oven is built on board a specially created trailer which is covered by a beautiful eye catching open sided canvas tent – inside the whole pizza making process has become a well-regarded spectacle. The customer can watch the whole process of their pizza being created from the dough
spinning and topping through to the cooking, complete with the delicious smells and warmth from the wood fired oven. All our pizzas are made with homemade fresh dough and our secret tomato sauce recipe. Topped with mozzarella, there are then 9 different toppings to choose from. We at Rebel Town Pizza can’t pick a favourite, but we are all rather partial to a Porker – caramelized onion sausage from our local butcher, red onion and green pepper garnished with a bit of balsamic glaze and black pepper. For simpler tastes, the Margherita is still a firm favourite – mozzarella, finished with fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil. We look forward to seeing you all for pizza and cider in a few weeks!!

The Humble Egg

Returning once more to Glas-Denbury is the wonderful Humble Egg! Based in the South Hams in Devon The Humble Egg serves decent, local food using fresh local ingredients, cooked well and presented beautifully. Some of the tasty dishes they serve that started off as a humble, free range organic egg including Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Eggs Royale, (All of these can be made without hollandaise or with scrambled eggs instead) Kedgeree. Also omelettes with a variety of fillings, Quiches (Always offering a meat, vegetarian and fish option). Eggy Bread, All Day Breakfast Baps, Homemade Scotch Eggs, A slice of homemade cake and delicious puddings served with our homemade egg custard.  Whenever possible they endeavour to support our local farmers and food producers but they will ALWAYS guarantee that the eggs they serve you are fresh, free range and locally sourced.  They are also proud of our packaging which is 100% compostable.  The Humble Egg philosophy is simple; fresh local ingredients, cooked well and presented beautifully.

Little Marrakesh – Streetfood Southwest

Returning to Glas-Denbury again – welcome to Street Food South West where we create exciting and delicious food from around the world. We truly care passionately about our food, from the sourcing of our ingredients to your very last bite. We only use high quality ingredients to bring an authentic street food flavour from around the world, freshly cooked where and when you want it. Dishes include Moroccan Lamb  £7,   Schwarama Chicken £6 , Vegan Chickpea, Carrot and Pepper Tagine £6  all served in a flatbread with cous cous, salad, mint yoghurt and harissa.  

Thai Style Thai

Thai Style Thai are becoming legends of Glas-Denbury with their delicious Thai food served with the biggest smiles from their team of lovely ladies! Returning each year to Glas-Denbury they bring a selection of foods from Thai curry to Vegetable spring rolls, StIr fry egg noodles to Chicken satay.

Grandpa Franks

A family street food business, Grandpa Frank’s focus is primarily on the hotdog but they also serves up delicious locally produced burgers.  Any hotdog is only as good as the authentic frankfurter – a handmade, slim, snappy, smoked and pre-cooked sausage with a characteristic silky smooth texture contain 90% meat. They serve their Great British Frankfurter properly in freshly baked rolls, it’s only what their franks deserve . Their menu is intentionally uncomplicated, with onions or furnished with a selection of delicious toppings including flamed cheese and their other amazing smoked meat products such as the pulled pork and shredded beef brisket.


Donald’s Rump

 Wood smoke has been used to preserve and add flavour to meat, fish, shellfish and even whisky for thousands of years. Donald’s Rump uses a combination of natural charcoal and hardwoods such as oak, cherry or apple which adds a delicate smoky flavour.  The locally produced meats are cooked low ‘n’ slow for maximum flavour and tender moist juiciness. They don’t bother with “secret” recipes or spice mixes, they just buy quality local meats and treat them with the care and respect they deserve so that they can be served at their very best. Typically their meats are smoked at low temperatures (between 110 and 130 degrees centigrade) in wood smoke for 10 or 12 hours, after cooking the meat needs to rest for at least one hour before serving. Resting meat is just as important as cooking it properly and they make sure that our meat is well and truly rested before it’s served. Meat which is not properly rested can be dry and ‘lifeless’. Their menu includes Devon Beef Brisket and West Country Pulled Pork as well as Hill Billy Brisket Chilli and Dirty Fries.

Spaghetti Sisters

Spaghetti Sisters serve delicious, well-sourced food with a comical and exciting twist. Spaggy and Hetti, the team, will be making delicious fresh pasta in front of you,using a state of the art Italian pasta machine, served with a choice of traditional Italian Sauces, made with the highest quality ingredients. Choose either Spaghetti or Fusilli, then choose a sauce and add extras. Their menu includes Pamela Pomodoro, Bella Bolognaise, Ariana Amatriciana, Patricia Pesto and Cheese Louise!  Be prepared for an unforgettable festival experience!

Chunk Pies

Gold and Silver award winners at the British Pie Awards, Chunk remain true to their principles and continue to make sure their pies feature loads of great west country meat and locally sourced vegetables. Handmade in small batches, slow-cooked in their own home-made stock and wrapped in their fabulous short crust buttery pastry. They ake pies how they should be made – tasty, special and natural. Their  award-winning pasties are hand-made with traditional short-crust pastry, also packed with great West Country meat and vegetables and a little seasoning.


BUN serve top quality organic Vegan burgers, including a Balti Burger, mushroom magic burger and a bean burger! All locally sourced in Devon.  Choice of toppings includes lettuce, vegan coleslaw, peanut satay, olive tapenade and salsa.



The Cognitive Coffee Company

We are a family run business specialising in, preparing and serving the best quality high end coffee and tea’s at events. We are Barista trained and up until recently ran a fantastic 5 star independent speciality community coffee house in Torquay called The Noble Tree, which we have now sold on. Our steampunk themed mobile machine which has a quirky finish, will add to the entertainment of any festival, day event or wedding. Our baristas are dressed accordingly with top hats, waxed moustaches and clothed to the trendy steam punk image. Our coffee is direct trade and expertly roasted to order from Union, competition quality with exceptional natural taste notes to each coffee blend. Our superior decaffeinated coffee is naturally decaffeinated, extracted using a water method rather than harmful chemicals. We do not overheat the milk for that natural sweet flavour, and have an extensive range of herbal and regular tea’s too.  To accompany our liquid refreshments, we also offer a selection of handcrafted cakes and traybake’s made using only the finest of ingredients and a huge dollop of Love. With several years experience running a 5 star rated independent community coffee house in Torquay, we would now like to bring our exquisite beverages and homemade sweetmeats to a festival, party or special occasion near you and entertain all your senses.


You haven’t lived until you have tried a Cootealicious Frownie!  They are as amazing as they sound!! Why Settle for a Brownie when you can have a Frownie! Cootealicious’ new range of home made frownies are everything you want in a brownie, slightly cakey with a crunchy top and a gooey centre with Chunks of our home-made fudge inside! They also come in a range of flavours to complement their fudge flavours. Offering a variety of flavours including; Belgian Chocolate,Salted Caramel,Oreo,Rolo,Mars Bar,Peanut Butter,Mint Aero, Malteser,Baileys,Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie,Luxury Peanut Butter Frownie and Luxury Cookie Dough Frownie.


Snowzone return each year to Glas-Denbury to serve fabulous flavoured ice cones – much needed in the summer they also serve alcoslushies – treat yourself to a little tipple!


The Donut Man

Freshly made hot Donuts and Waffles on a stick with toppings. Naughty but nice!

Auntie Moos Golden Guernsey Ice Cream

Made from milk and cream produced from the award winning Golden Guernsey cows that live on the Glas-Denbury fields and move home temporarily to make way for everyone to dance in the fields! The Guernseys can be seen grazing the fields around Denbury and on Denbury Down and every day cross the road into the village to be milked – the names of all the cows being shouted by the farmer as they go past! With a multitude of delicious flavours, this ice cream is guaranteed to cool you down in the summer sun!

Hire A Chair!

Talk about a handy service! Hire a chair are a small family run business who will be on site ready for you to hire a chair from, to save you bringing your own! For just £4 a day you can hire one of their camping chairs for use in the campsite and/or arena. Need to rest your feet after a good boogie? Hire a chair! Save carrying one around…

Mehindi by Alice

Mehndi or “Mehendi” is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant.  

Alice’s passion for mehindi began when someone passed her a henna cone at the age of 12 and she instantly fell in love with this beautiful art. Her stunning designs are intricately detailed and have been inspired by traditional Mehndi designs she learnt whilst on a visit to Jaipur and New Delhi in India. These patterns will become darker by the hour, will naturally stain your skin and last for over a week.  Contact;





The Humble Mushroom

Handcarved avocado seeds to create mushroom pendants – each one unique with their own character. Supplied with black cord that can be adjusted to size in a little bag with a personal message. Prices range from £5 – £10 and mushrooms can be personalised (to order)

The Facepainting Company

We are thrilled that the multi award winning team from The Face Painting and Body Painting company will be on site with us this year.  Run by multi award winning Mel Broom and Josephine Van Oers and based in the South West, they will leave you in awe of their skills and unique face and body art.  How much of your body do you dare paint?

My Fabulous Things

My Fabulous Things is located in Ashburton, a beautiful shop with a fabulous collection of hand made jewellery, clothing and accessories. They stock a range of brands from Apara Bijoux Jewellery, Treaty Boutique Jewellery to the beautiful Miss Shorthair scarf ranges and Italian clothing from the well established “Made in Italy” brand, that is made from the best quality Italian linens, cottons and wools.​

Kaleidoscope Skies 

Kaleidoscope Skies provides all manner of colourful goods, from hippy style clothing to hand made jewellery and suncatchers, also bags festival hats etc.

Disneypops Delights

A wonderful range of pocket money toys including bubble guns and wands, rubix cubes, balls. LED flashing goods, festival headwear and hair accessories.


Itsmebeads Jewellery

Itsmebeads is a small, Devon based family business that started over 9 years ago, through a love of art and craft. Kate and her Mum Susan, plus also her Dad Chris (who likes to be known as Mr Grumpee! ) spend a lot of time as a family making and designing jewellery and accessories. Susan hand makes a lot of the clay beads which gives their jewellery a real earthy and unique quality. They pride themselves on being a friendly family unit and are always willing to discuss ideas and designs with customers. They also like to make sure all our designs are affordable to everyone so our prices range from £2-£20. Affordable quality!

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove returns this year with their emporium of quality items with an international flavour including woodcarvings, maxi dresses, jewellery, t-shirts, shoes, handbags and lots more…

EcoStardust Glitter

Glas-Denbury are thrilled that EcoStardust are joining us! Together with usthey are a team of eco-conscious people who are crazy about glitter and passionate about the environment. They love glitter as much as we do but don’t like covering the world in little bits of plastic so here is the alternative! EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter made from plant cellulose!

Their make up artists will be on hand to glitter people, whether it’s your face, hair, beard or boobs! They will make you feel sparkly and great!  They are actually mermaids but they do work with unicorns, witches and other mystical creatures alike!

In case you want to purchase some glitter before the festival here’s where to find it ;


Quirky Bird Retro Fashion

Dare to be Quirky and Bold! Retro/Vintage and designer fashion.  Selected, creatively embellished and up-cycled pieces with a statement!  Customised boots and shoes including customised service for shoes/boots and fashion accessories. Luv your style! X

The Swagmans’s Daughter

An Emporium of Delights! “I was put on this earth to rummage in boxes. I travel the world finding the most exciting boxes in which to rummage. I present to you, here, the contents of these boxes…”  The Swagman’s Daughter has lots and lots of boxes of charms, bracelet and necklace cords and chains, earring wires and other things for everyone to make their own jewellery.  Everything is very affordable! She also has the most flamboyantly kitsch selection of vintage jewellery and hair accessories and lots of vintage haberdashery – trims, buttons etc. A true “Emporium of Delights”

Eko – Planet Friendly family & baby products

Native Kanza

Wear your passion and join the bohemian tribe with unique one-of-a-kind pieces, beautifully handcrafted with personality! ♥ Native Kanza. Native Kanza was conceived from passion for travel and the love of native image. We spend time collecting materials, some recycled, travelling, making jewellery.Looking forward to selling our creations at future upcoming festival events.


The Button Box

The Button Box sells the most beautiful vintage and second hand bribbons, trims, buttons and craft items. We cannot get enough of their glorious trims – decorate your festival hats, clothes and be inspired!

Pluma and What a Spectacle

Headwear to turn heads in! Unique, handmade and festival ready headdresses guaranteed to become your new fave party outfit accessory. Offering the most stunning handmade headdresses in so many different colours and styles that the hardest thing is knowing which to choose!

What a Spectacle! Here you will find handmade unique embellished sunglasses for all the queens out there. Great for being flamboyant at festivals, parties and on the high street.





Karma Suitsya

Selling clothing & accessories under our label ‘Karma Suitsya’. Our aim is for boutique standards at festival prices.



Riverford Organic Farm

Riverford are mad about organic veg. We’ve been growing it for 30 years, choosing varieties for flavour and looking
after our soil, wildlife and water sources. Every day we pick, pack and deliver the very best from our fields straight to
your door in our iconic veg boxes (voted the Observer’s Ethical Product of the Decade). It’s all organic, delivery is
free, and we’ll bring seasonal recipes every week to help inspire you in the kitchen. Eating well has never been

Naked Calcium Jewellery

A local business based in Totnes, handmaking macrame and wire wrapped jewellery using semi precious stones and beads. Also with a selection of Indian tribal breass and silver plated earrings and pendants. The handmade items range in price from £8 to £50 and th brass/silver plate from £3 to £20.  All presented in beautiful recycled sari material bags. All the jewellery is made at the stall so people can see how they go about creating and constructing their pieces.

Moon Baboon

Many Moons ago, crossing the Zambezi valley by boat a sudden urge to answer Nature,s call gripped me!
Squatting “Al Fresco” style on the nearest island, knees wrapped in elbows and chin in hand, gazing at the African spectacle of Sunset,
Moonrise and Elephant watering on the tranquil shoreline, without warning a large presence was felt on my left shoulder. Glancing over, there sitting beside me, chin in hands, serious but relaxed watching the same scene with an amused humorous grin was the biggest Baboon ever seen. Racing back to the sanctuary of the boat looking over my shoulder, the sun dipping away the last view was a very white full Moon and a Baboon calmly welcoming the night. Moon Baboon was born! A seriously relaxed approach to life!

Wild Things

Selling hats, clothing, accessories, puppets and gifts  – including fabulous sequinned bags!