How much entertainment and activity can we fit into one gorgeous field in the depths of beautiful Devon?  We can promise you things that will challenge you, entertain you, make you question things and make you smile wider than ever before! From ventriloquists to stilt walkers, jugglers to comedians, fire eaters to storytellers and workshops including archery, engineering, crafts, junkbuilds, hula hooping, laughter yoga and lots more…there really will be something for everyone, whatever age you are feeling that day! We want you to be enthralled by the colour and magic, amazed by the spectacle, learn something new or simply be entranced by the words and actions of those around you. Maybe you will be introduced to something you have never seen before, encouraged to take part in something you have never done before or maybe you will be inspired to create something you would never dreamed of creating.  So don that glitter, paint on that rainbow and come and have a great deal of fun!

Most of our workshops are free on site all weekend.  Some may ask for donations or a small charge but we endeavour to ensure most are free or a very nominal charge to cover costs, to enable all to take part in.  Please note children must be accompanied by an adult to activities.


With a hunger to make movements in this evolving world of contemporary circus arts, Lavrak return to Glas-Denbury with their contortion, aerial work, fire shows and stilt walking, enticing and intriguing un-suspecting audiences.

OtherBrother Theatre Company – “YOU ARE HERE!”

OtherBrother Theatre return to the festival circuit for the third year running to present their new, uplifiting, feel good and exhilarating show “YOU ARE HERE” to you all!  It is all about celebrating the present moment and bringing positivity, creativity (and perhaps even the theory of relativity!) to you all!  They hope to introduce audiences to the joy of living in the here and now and cherishing the present moment!

“YOU ARE HERE is an uplifting, feel good, high energy performance that plays with the notion of the here and now, probability, and the staggering odds against making it this far. And yet here we are, and here you are, and we want to celebrate you! Join the Professors on a magical, whimsical adventure as we take you on a whirlwind micro journey through space and time, crashing into the present to celebrate your presence! “


Jungle Jim and his wild and whacky Animals!

Top TV ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley creates a “Rumble in the Jungle” as Jungle Jim with all his Jungle friends including Pee Wee the Elephant, Dan-de-Lion, Slippy the Seal, Boomerang-Utan, Scratch the Rat, Bam Bam the Panda, Mr Crockers and lots more wild and whacky characters! Everyone from the tiniest child to the oldest grandparent will adore the characters, comedy and be in awe of Jims technical ability.


Junkfish Festival Fun

Junkfish offer a wonderful range of ‘make and take’ activities, all carefully prepared using mostly recycled materials and supervised by their helpful, friendly staff. Fun dressing up areas, relaxed family chill out areas including playdough café, book area with reading den, toys, duplo and outdoor attractions such as the amazing Junk Ball Run, giant garden games, hula hoops and circus skills equipment. There is also lots of colourful decoration to make and so much more – it’s brimming with craft ideas! We can see that this will attract big kids too!


White Rock Festival of Learning in Paignton takes place on September 16th and wow how much does Glas-Denbury love this event! We support it 100% and this year we will be programming and running their music stage for them which will incorporate learning and opportunity for youngsters to get involved with the stage management/sound/lighting side of things at this amazing event – go to their website and keep an eye on it for more details in the coming months, So you can imagine how thrilled we are that Whiterock are coming to Glas-Denbury this year with a wonderful area of learning for everyone to enjoy,  The theme will be “The Moors to The Sea” and they will be bringing lots of craft activities for the children (and adults too!).  So come and see the team from Whiterock at Glas-Denbury and leave having learnt a little about this beautiful area we live in!


Sylvan Adventures

Sylvan Adventures is a not for profit organisation based in the South West and provides fun, practical and outdoor learning experiences for individuals and organisations. They have a passion for nature and outdoor learning and they want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm through first hand experience to ensure the sustainability of our natural world.  In this digital age our connection to nature is often neglected or missing as we lead our busy lives. Through nature adventures they hope to enable people to create meaningful connections to nature in a fun and playful way as well as experiencing and learning new skills.  Sylvan Adventures will be running craft nature workshops and both a soft Archery (for the younger ones) and traditional Archery area at Glas-Denbury.  The Wandering Whittler Wood workshop will have Shave horses available to all, where you can whittle and wood carve. They also will have lots of other things going on, activities and adventures throughout the festival.

Seadream Education

Seadream is a non-profit, Community Interest Company which aims to bring exciting science and engineering outreach to instil passion, awe, knowledge, understanding and respect for the world around us. Seadream Education CIC delivers Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to primary and secondary and schools as well as public awareness raising and events.  Seadream will be at Glas-Denbury with lots of hands on activities including “demo” tables with controlled demonstrations including a Van de Graff generator, air zookers, slinkies and wave, rainbows and skittles.  Come and learn something whatever your age and have some fun whilst you do!


SOUNDLAUNCH is a music platform designed to support and help develop emerging artists through workshops, gigs, festivals & recording sessions.  Run by Kate Graham and based in the South west, Glas-Denbury has been welcoming their artists ever since the festival  first started.  This year we offered Soundlaunch their own stage and are thrilled to be working in collaberation with kate to create an area of learning, enjoyment of music and a showcase for their young students.  If you have children interested in music this is a must go to area!


5pm – 7 pm;  “Jam session” (12+) – bring your music/guitar/ukulele or vocals for some unplugged fun”


9.30am – 11am; “Play your Music” – (12+) songwriting workshop and busking space.

11am – 1pm; “Live Lounge” –  Step into the Limelight. Opportunity for aspiring young performers to take to the festival stage. Booking essential with



Sun Lotus Taiko

“Big drums, big sticks, big moves; Sun Lotus Taiko perform a Japanese style of spiritual drumming with drama and beauty of form. Hear the thunder!”

Sign To Shine

“Breaking Down Communication Barriers”

Glas-Denbury is truly thrilled to have Sign to Shne with us this year. They are currently working with some of our artists in order to sign sing  some of their songs throughout the festival so why not come to one of their workshops to learn some sign language so you can understand her whilst dancing away to the bands?

 “I’ve used British sign language all my life and have a passion about bringing it to the mainstream. I believe everyone can benefit from learning British sign language (BSL) and I also think that it mixes with music beautifully. It can bring lyrics to life, give a visual feeling to the words.It’s poetic in its own way.” Lorraine

On Saturday 8th Sign to Shine will be hosting Signing workshops for children and adults alike. Saturday morning session will be “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” – an opportunity for everyone to learn how to sign this wonderful story with props an lots of fun to be had! Later that day there will be more sessions and Sign to Shine will also be working alongside Kindred Spirit and other artists at the festival to sign their music. 






Get involved with our two one-hour jive dance lessons, where you can learn a mixture of stroll, lindy and rock n roll to get you swinging across the festival floor.    Brought to you by Lyndsey Bennett from South Wales, Lyndsey has been a jive dance teacher and competitor for 10 years.  Her dance passions include modern jive, blues, Argentine tango and of course with her boundless energy – rock and roll!   You will not need a partner, as leaders and followers will be rotated throughout the lesson!  It’s a lot of fun guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Kingskerswell Navigators Nerf Alley!

The local Kingskerswell Navigators will be on site at Glas-Denbury providing a nerf gun alley and craft area for children.   UK Navigators is a co-ed, secular scouting movement that welcomes all people; boys, girls an adults no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief.  We believe the greatest challenge for the future of our planet is to learn how to get along with people different than ourselves”  Our mission is to help ALL children and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other.  By using unstructured play with curriculum, we promote interpersonal skills along with achievement and help them develop a positive mind set and sense of worth.  The local Kingskerswell Navigators will be on site at Glas-Denbury providing a nerf gun alley and craft area for children. 

Blackheart O’Brixham

Joining us at Glas-Denbury this year – A Pirate o’ Disrepute!

Ozzy D

Ozzy D is a full-time professional children’s entertainer based in Exeter, Devon and the only children’s party entertainer in his area to be a Member of the World Famous Magic Circle. Ozzy is returning to the festival with his puppets, balloon modelling, close up magic and magic shows.

Tongue Fu for Kids!

Tongue Fu is one of the UK’s leading spoken word shows. Poets, storytellers, rappers and comedians perform with jaw- dropping improvised soundtracks from the Tongue Fu live Band.  The main band are performing at Glas-Denbury on the Vaudeville stage and we are thrilled they are also bringing their Tongue Fu for Kids spoken word show to Glas-Denbury as well!  Created and hosted by poet Chris Redmond (Scroobius Pip’s Beatdown XFM; Pick Of The Week – BBC R4), it is a riotous experiment in particpation, music, poetry and improvisation. So hop on stage and get involved!


July 7th – 9th 2017

Fairfield Farm, Denbury, nr Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6DQ