The Pucker Poets stage is home to a host of popular and inspirational South West poetry nights bringing Devon and Cornwall’s favourite poet’s and spoken word artists to Glas-Denbury.

Pucker Poet’s Alexander Rhodes (@joineduppoetry) curates the stage which includes the “Glas-Denbury Slam Competition! If you are a poet or spoken word performer and you want to be in with a chance to win weekend tickets to the festival and a guaranteed place in the festival finals then get on board – contact Alexander! Follow us or Pucker Poets social media pages to find out more. As well as winning tickets to the festival itself, poets will battle it out on the Pucker Poets Stage to become the second “Bard Of Glas-Denbury” This was deservedly won by Tom Dewey in 2017 and will be performing at a number of poetry events around the South West and have a headline slot at Glas-Denbury 2018!

Whether you are a regular at the many poetry/spoken word events around the country or completely new to the concept, the Pucker Poets stage will have something to entertain, inspire and connect with you. Take a well earned break from dancing, relax in the spoken word area and let the torrent of powerful words wash over you. Indulge your senses and treat your mind to ideas, opinions and concepts that will bring a whole new dimension to your weekend. Bring a willing ear, an open mind and an open heart. They are all you need to feed your soul.  Take a glimpse into the world of spoken word and be inspired.

2018 is in planning now – here is what 2017 offered;