Once Upon a Time there was a Family Fairytale called Glas-Denbury……

Hello! My name is Emma and I am the Director of Glas-Denbury. I am a mum of 5 and I plan and curate the festival throughout the year from my home in Denbury. Together with an amazing group of friends, who all have the same passion for people and life that I have, we bring those plans to life on a field just outside of the village. I am passionate about bringing people together to create opportunity and to instill a sense of togetherness in what can be such a divided world and I want to showcase as much of the incredible talent the South West produces as I can, from the music to poetry, entertainment to food, comedy to businesses.  I also want to ensure the festival is as accessible to everyone so here is where I let you know how as a mum, I am determined to make coming to Glas-Denbury as easy and magical as I can for anyone with little people!  Glas-Denbury is a whole heap of colour, smiles, fun, love and experiences in an accessible, happy, safe environment with a whole lot of magic and decent human beings thrown in the mix.  There is a 10 year age gap between my eldest and youngest child and that was a huge starting point when I began to create this festival. Over the years I had often found it hard to find places to go with them, where the younger ones would enjoy themselves as much as the older ones and more importantly where I, as an adult, would enjoy myself too! Glas-Denbury is just this place! Where families and people of all ages can get together, where Mums and Dads can relax whilst the children are busy, where grandparents dance with their grandchildren, parents enjoying activities with their parents and their children.  A nod to the festivals of yesteryear, Glas-Denbury brings everyone back together again, in a life that can be so disjointed.  Being a Mum in a busy, crazy, colourful home, where wonderful things happen every day, gives me a headstart in how as a parent it is so important to make Glas-Denbury is my magical, fairytale world where smiles abound! 

Check out below what we have for you on site to make things easier and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries!

Bringing babies, children and of course those bigger children to Glas-Denbury!

We do everything we can to ensure the easiest, most enjoyable, magical time for you all! We are committed and passionate about endeavouring to make this one of the best weekends you will have and will be on hand to help wherever we can.  We have a dedicated accessibility team, ensuring families needs are met as much as possible and every year we endeavour to develop and grow this, based on feedback and suggestions from our guests.  The site is farmland, with the camping, car park and arena all grassland.  It isn’t a huge site, it is laid out over just 3 fields, with the arena all in one field. This what makes it so safe, accessible and beautiful, with everything within easy reach. We are committed to working with your individual needs wherever possible so please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions you have are not answered below or you have any other concerns.

PARKING/DROP OFF – The car park is located right next to the arena and campsite, so it is not far to go between car and campsite with your belongings and little ones in tow! (Or from car to arena of course if you hold day tickets) There will be a dedicated team available with vehicles to help you where possible.  We do endeavour to park families with children as close to the entrances as well and a drop off point is also available.

FAMILY CAMPING – We have an area of the campsite for family camping with children, pitches available on a first come first served basis.  

BABY BLOOM COCOON –  We are delighted to be partnering with Baby Bloom who are providing us with the Baby Bloom Cocoon, a calm, relaxed environment to chill out, play, feed, change and care for your little ones, whilslt being nurtured yourself! See below for all the details of what you can find in the Baby Bloom Cocoon!  

FOOD – We take great pride in ensuring we have a wide range of foods available in our Butterfly Bazaar, including foods that meet little mouths and dietary requirements.  We ensure our food traders offer quality, local sourced foods at reasonable prices and have child size portions available. If you should need to bring your own specialist foods, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange access for you (as no food/drink is officially allowed into the arena) and this can be stored in the fridge (see Information Tent)

TOILETS – We think we have the cleanest festival toilets ever! Our dedicated Toilet Fairies take great pride in ensuring the standards of the toilets across the festival are as high as they can be, as we know too well how important a clean festival toilet is! We also have Mobiloo on site within the event arena; they provide a large space with adult changing bed, hoist and toilet, manned by staff throughout the festival. 

INFORMATION – The information tent is located within the main arena, with a team on hand to assist you in any way they can.  Here you can get programmes, buy the wristbands that give unlinmited use of the inflatables and there will be a fridge available for the storage of medicines or specialist foods – please do contact us prior to arrival to let us know you may need to use this.

QUIET AREA – Should you need a quiet area to take time out from the festival, the information tent can direct you to a quiet zone or of course head to the Baby Bloom Cocoon where they will cocoon you in a relaxed environment!

SECURITY AND SAFETY – We have a great team of security and stewards who are clearly identifiable on site, together with festival crew.  We have strict policies on alcohol and drugs at the festival and we monitor the gates really well to ensure the site is safe and secure. We have a lost person point on site and a very efficient lost child system in place and on arrival you can get wristbands from the stewards at the gate to write telephone numbers on should you wish to put these on accompanying children or adults. If you have any queries or require assistance in any way, please speak to security or stewards at the event anytime – they are there to look after you.  

FIRST AID/MEDICAL ASSISTANCE –  Devon Medical Services provide 24 hour medical assistance on site throughout the whole festival. They have a full medical unit on site as well as an ambulance and are located in the main arena by the entrance. Should you need assistance please let the nearest crew member know so that they can immediately radio the first response team.   Please do advise us of any specific needs and requirements you may have, if possible before you arrive at the festival, so that we can keep DMS informed and work with you to ensure we have put everything we can in place for you prior to your arrival.

The “Baby Bloom” Cocoon

Within the main arena at Glas-Denbury you will find this wonderful place of all things babies and toddlers! The fabulous Sophie from Baby Bloom will be providing a calm, relaxing environment to chill out, play, feed, change and care for your little ones..whilst being nurtured yoursefl! Food, bottle warmers and nappy changing facilities will of course be available and you will be able to seek advice, feel supported as well as join in a range of activities and workshops, including baby massage. Please come back to see all the exciting details, that will be put on here over the coming weeks…..




Sophie Thompson is the founder of Baby Bloom Development. She lives in the beautiful countryside of South Devon with her husband and three young boys; Milo, Oakley and Kitt.  Sophie has worked in early years and primary education for 16 years and has a passion for working with young children and families an her time spent as an early years practitioner has allowed her to gain valuable experience supporting families as well as an extensive knowledge of child development, early numeracy, literacy and phonics support, amongst other skills. She has a plethora of qualifications relating to the early years sector and also has experience working with children with a variety of additional needs, such as Down Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Global Developmental Delay.  As a trained Thrive practitioner, Sophie has a fantastic understanding of the social, emotional and brain development of infants and how these can be nurtured through positive touch, secure attachment and play. She is an advocat for gentle parenting and through her work has supported many families to understand and overcome their child’s behavioural difficulties, as well as working with the child directly during one to one play sessions.  Following the birth of her third son in 2015, Sophie came across the wonderful Blossom and Berry and after training with international expert Gayle Berry in baby massage, she then went on to found Baby Bloom Development, with an aim to provide the perfect environment and activities to support healthy attachment and cognitive, physical, emotional and communication development whilst having fun, enjoying a special time together and supporting new parents at the beginning of their parenting journey.  Baby Bloom Development classes are relaxed, friendly, non-judgemental and baby-led, allowing a safe space for new parents and carers to meet new people and feel supported, whilst learning the art of baby massage and all its many benefits.

“Anyone who has fond memories of Glasto but can’t face the idea of the crowds and mud with small people, Glas-Denbury might just be the festival for you.  Celebrating the South West’s talented musicians, artists, writers and entertainers, it’s a family friendly music festival on green fields. Nominated for several awards, the festival organisers are committed to making it “comfortable, safe, happy and inspirational” – it’s definitely on our list this year.” 

Stephanie Darkes, Devon Life May 2017


“Wonderful family festival in a stunning location with something for everyone. We took our 5 month old daughter and my dad along and it was the first festival they had been to and we all had an absolute blast. Fantastic food, great stalls and a diverse lineup across multiple stages make this a must for festival goers. As family festivals go this is right up there with Camp Bestival only with nicer camping. Thank you Glas-Denbury for a brilliant weekend. X” Ryan Beange

“Very informative website with details about each music act made me change my plans for the weekend. I wasn’t disappointed. The reception from all the crew was very welcoming. The layout of the festival made it easy to move around and see all the events. The music was superb. My first visit and I hope it won’t be my last. A very special Saturday from Noon to Midnight. Thank youWe had such a great day. We recommend it to people all the time. Looking forward so much to this years event. Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend again. Thank you guys”.  Peter Chatfield 2017


“Fantastic little festival. plenty to do for the whole family. a good range of food including vegetarian and vegan options. all of the food vendors were well versed in allergies and we’re very helpful with all our enquiries. very helpful and polite staff. the toilets were clean which is unheard of at festivals. there were plenty of different acts to cater for pretty much everyone. but the best thing was that everyone was respectful and cleaned up after themselves. Lots of people enjoying themselves and not over indulging. can’t wait to come back next year” Justin Pursglove – 2017