Glas-Denbury’s Healing area is run by the crew from

It offers a calming, safe area to take a moment to relax and feel restored and revitalised.  Perhaps take part in one of the free workshops; everything from Hula Hooping to Meditation, Handstands to Laughter Yoga, Singing to Yoga.  Therapists offer a range of massage therapies so why not explore and learn about ancient treatments and practises you may not be familar with? Regenerate your mind and body with a visit to the Free Harmony Healing Area…

Treatments in the Free Harmonry Healing Area will be £15 for half an hour or £25 for an hour.  Shorter therapies such as 5 minute hand massages will be around £5.


Jas from Lilybella will be offering Swedish massage, Indian head massage and eyebrow threading.

Singing Workshops

Sam Evans, lead singer of Verdisa presents a free singing workshop that is fun and friendly, leaving you feeling positive, uplifted and grounded. Each session will include physical activities to get your blood flowing, group singing which creates an amazing atmosphere and breathing exercises to relax the busy mind. No experience necessary. Sign up at the festival!

Handstand Workshops

Blue will be running free Handstand Workshops; a fun, playful class designed to progress you towards a solid and confident handstand. An enojoyable, interactive class, you can work together to help each other out. Everyone welcome. Challenge yourself!

Meditation, Relaxation

Reece will host meditations; a morning meditation on Saturday and Sunday and a more energising one later in the day on the Friday and Saturday – involving some movement and music.

Laughter Yoga

Sophie will be offering free Laughter yoga workshops; Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter, playfulness and yogic breathing. Laughing and smiling lifts your mood and boosts your health and wellbeing. It truly is one of the most wonderful workshops we have ever seen!

Check out Sophies Laughter Clubs on Facebook;

Hula Hooping Workshops

Sophie from Hooperlative is returning once again to deliver her awesome free Hula Hooping workshops!

Check out Sophies Hoops for sale – Unique custom made hoops, made to order to suit your ability, size and personality, and to match your outfit! Also Hua Workshops in South Devon Facebook Hooperlative Hoops @Sophieshoops

Acro Workshops

Sam and Katie will be running free “acro” workshops throughout the festival ….