Back in 2016 Glas-Denbury became a member of Festival Vision : 2025. They joined the growing number of committed festival organisers who are taking the Pledge and are now among the many  Vision Festivals to make the festival industry an exemplar of environmental responsibility.    It is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry, conceived as part of The Show Must Go On report; a festival industry response to the 2015 global climate change talks in Paris.  The Show Must Go On report outlined the environmental impacts of the festival industry and aims to provide a robust basis for industry-wide. The Festival Vision: 2025 Pledge brings together festivals that wish to take action to create a sustainable future.


 “As festival organisers we know how to create unforgettable experiences and how to inspire people. We know how to get things done in challenging circumstances and we are accomplished at communicating with audiences.  It is well within our reach to turn our industry into an exemplar of environmental responsibility. We can make a vital and significant contribution to a future that we want our children to inherit.  Festival organisers working with their many and diverse partners, from concessions to the supply chain, contractors, charities and brands, can provide leadership for what is perhaps the most important conversation of our time.”  The Show Must Go On report, Powerful Thinking

Festival Director Emma Twamley; 

“When it comes to sustainability and saving our planet, there is still so much for us all to work on.  We are so lucky to be situated in such a beautiful part of the world such as Devon.  Over the last few years we have been quietly working to ensure sustainable development and reduce its footprint, as we are all totally and utterly capable of creating magic for people without impacting on our beautiful planet. Glas-Denbury will continue to move forward and our commitment towards sustainability means we will continue to work alongside our suppliers, crew, guests and everyone involved in the festival, to ensure the Glas-Denbury magic never ever impacts on our planet…except in a good way of course! One full of rainbows, smiles and a bucketful of love! 🌈😍💚”

Here are some of the ways we are working towards ensuring our beautiful festival does not impact on our beautiful planet;

Reseable Cups at all bars ; In 2016 Glas-Denbury introduced reuseable cups for use on site at all bars.  Not only does it make your festival drinking experience much better by using a sturdier cup, but it rids the site of horrendous plastic cups and therefore drastically reduces the landfill produced. You can also keep the cups if you wish as souvenirs at the end of the festival!

Recycling; Since the start of the festival Glas-Denbury has recycled waste on site wherever possible, and over the last few years the amount of landfill produced has reduced dramatically. Glas-Denbury is lucky as everyone who attends the festival treats the site with respect, clearing up after themselves and therefore the recycling system on site works extremely well.  2018 is now seeing the team  moving towards a “Zero to Landfill” waste policy this year.  There will be recycling points all over the site so please help us ensure that we don’t leave a mark on the land – help us by recycling and ensuring you put the right thing in the right bin!

Travel and Transport; Reducing emissions attributable to travel and transport is vital and so back for 2018 are the shuttle buses, running between the festival and Newton Abbot as well as other destinations (see the travel page for more info) These shuttle buses are there to encourage you to leave your cars at home.  There is also a public bus service from Newton Abbot to Denbury or if you do have to drive then why not car share with someone else?  If you are a cyclist then we will have secure bike parking on site as well.

Suppliers; Glas-Denbury uses 100% South West suppliers, and the majority of food stands, traders are South West based as well.

Ban on plastic cutlery/straws/carrier bags; As well as plastic cups being banned across site, 2018 will also see a ban on plastic cutlery and plastic carrier bags on site. Please use eco friendly bags instead – and bring eco friendly utensils if you are camping?  The production crew behind the scenes have pledged no plastic cutlery and we will be encouraging all food traders on site to do the same.  By 2019 there will be an across the site “no plastic” rule on food catering.

Ban Plastic Water Bottles from 2019; One of the biggest pledges that the festival is making this year, is that from 2019, Glas-Denbury will be banning all plastic water bottles across the site.  This year we encourage everyone to bring along their own empty refillable water bottles and refill these at the drinking water points on site which will be signposted.

Eco Glitter; We are ALL about glitter – but in a responsible way!  So this year we are thrilled to have Eco Stardust Glitter on site with us – ready to beautify you all! The EcoStardust glitter is biodegradeable so you wont be polluting the plant or harming your skin.  It contains no toxic chemicals and is free from the 14 most common allergens, is compostable and marine and waste water safe – as well as still offering the same high quality precision cut and shine as conventional glitter!  If you do bring your own though, please ensure that whatever glitter you bring/use is eco friendly too?