Welcome to the world of Glas-Denbury! 


My name is Emma and I am the Director of Glas-Denbury.  A few years ago the village I live in held a school music event.  It was a wonderful thing and the following year I was persuaded to pick up this event and create the “Quiet Dream” of a festival that celebrates this area, the people and the South West .  From my dining room table a festival was born!

I plan and curate the festival throughout the year and then together with an amazing group of volunteers from Denbury and the surrounding area, all who have the same passion for people and life, we bring it to life!   I am passionate about bringing people together to create  opportunity and to celebrate where we are so lucky to live. I want to share this with everyone who comes to Glas-Denbury and so we showcase as much of the incredible talent the South West produces as we can, from the music, poetry, entertainment, food, crafts and so much more. Glas-Denbury is a “platform for passion” and gives opportunity to many people; artists, organisations and companies.  

So what can you expect from Glas-Denbury? Well a whole heap of colour, smiles, fun, love and experiences in a safe, happy environment with a whole lot of magic and decent human beings thrown in the mix.  I have 5 children, with a 10 year age gap between the eldest and youngest and that was a huge starting point in what I wanted to create at the festival.  Over the years I had often found it hard to find places to go where the younger ones would enjoy themselves as much as the older ones and more importantly where I, as an adult, would enjoy myself too! Glas-Denbury is about something for everyone, somewhere where people of all ages can get together.  It is about family, about Grandparents dancing with their grandchildren, parents enjoying it with their parents as well as their children. It is also about those that want to come to an event where they as adults can have a good time without children taking over! This festival is a product of my vision and imagination; in a world where I am a Mum in a busy, crazy, colourful home where entertaining and wonderful things happen every day (if you have a big family you will understand that!) 

I couldn’t do this without an amazing bunch of human beings I am privileged to call my friends – the team who work with me in Quiet Dream Productions and the team who all appear about a month before the festival to begin bringing all the plans to life are phenomenal. They are passionate about Glas-Denbury and passionate about people and life.  They appear from all over the village, surrounding areas and from further afield, to be part of the magical Glas-Denbury family and ensure everyone who attends the festival has an amazing and safe time. It totally bowls me over every year as the Glas-Denbury team are something else; they are what human beings should all be about, kindness, goodness and love. Our sole mission is to provide a place of joy and happiness for everyone in a cool yet old fashioned, traditional way, with a litle bit of festival quirkyness thrown in for good measure.  So please do come and experience it for yourselves, join the Glas-Denbury family and don’t forget to come and say hello to me and the glorious Glas-Denbury team!     Emma xx

What you need to know about the festival! 

Gate Times;

Main Arena – The festival’s main arena opens on the Friday at 5pm and is open through to midnight.  Workshops, entertainment, activities all run from 5pm – please see the different areas of this website for more info on this. The arena then reopens again at 8am on the Saturday for campers to come in for breakfast and the gates open for day ticket holders at 10am through to midnight.  There are workshops, activities and entertainment running the whole time within these hours in the arena.   Please note no food or drink is allowed into the arena. 

Camping – The camping gates open at 2pm on Friday and closes at 4pm on Sunday.

Shuttle buses – we have free shuttle buses running between Newton Abbot station (stopping at Asda and Ogwell Roundabout en route) to the festival site and back again from lunchtme on Friday throughout the festival and also Sunday back from the site for campers. Please check out our parking and transport page for more info.


Car Park – there is a car park on site with parking pre bookable online – we do urge everyone to use public transport or the free shuttle buses where possible – car share if you do have to drive!


Children; Little people 12 and under are free are just £5 and with so much for the smaller members of the family to do on site with most things free of charge, the whole family will be kept busy all day!


Accessibility; We are passionate about making the festival accessible to all – please go to the contact us page for more info on accessibility at Glas-Denbury.


Camping – see our camping and glamping page for full info (click the drop down menu) on this and our camper van/caravan passes.  No cars are allowed into the campsite so you will need to walk your gear through to the fields from your car. Remember to pack light or bring a wheelbarrow! We do allow a limited amount of alcohol into the campsite on first entry – please check the camping pages on the drop down menu for full info.


Dogs – Sorry but no dogs are allowed on site.  This applies to both the arena and campsite.

“Anyone who has fond memories of Glasto but can’t face the idea of the crowds and mud with small people, Glas-Denbury might just be the festival for you.  Celebrating the South West’s talented musicians, artists, writers and entertainers, it’s a family friendly music festival on green fields. Nominated for several awards, the festival organisers are committed to making it “comfortable, safe, happy and inspirational” – it’s definitely on our list this year.” 

Stephanie Darkes, Devon Life May 2017


“Wonderful family festival in a stunning location with something for everyone. We took our 5 month old daughter and my dad along and it was the first festival they had been to and we all had an absolute blast. Fantastic food, great stalls and a diverse lineup across multiple stages make this a must for festival goers. As family festivals go this is right up there with Camp Bestival only with nicer camping. Thank you Glas-Denbury for a brilliant weekend. X” Ryan Beange

“Very informative website with details about each music act made me change my plans for the weekend. I wasn’t disappointed. The reception from all the crew was very welcoming. The layout of the festival made it easy to move around and see all the events. The music was superb. My first visit and I hope it won’t be my last. A very special Saturday from Noon to Midnight. Thank youWe had such a great day. We recommend it to people all the time. Looking forward so much to this years event. Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend again. Thank you guys”.  Peter Chatfield 2017


“Fantastic little festival. plenty to do for the whole family. a good range of food including vegetarian and vegan options. all of the food vendors were well versed in allergies and we’re very helpful with all our enquiries. very helpful and polite staff. the toilets were clean which is unheard of at festivals. there were plenty of different acts to cater for pretty much everyone. but the best thing was that everyone was respectful and cleaned up after themselves. Lots of people enjoying themselves and not over indulging. can’t wait to come back next year” Justin Pursglove – 2017

Meet Glas-Denbury’s Guardians.  These wonderful people are as passionate as we are about community, collaboration and support and it is these people who make up our crew. From all walks of life they give up their time to come together to support, plan, build, decorate and run the festival.

It is truly awe inspiring to watch what a group of kind human beings can achieve together for the benefit of others.

Our pledge to the community we exist and are situated in;


Glas-Denbury is run by a group of people from Denbury who are passionate about the village of Denbury and its unique, amazing community. It continuously strives to be of benefit to Denbury and the wider community around it in so many ways with as little impact as possible to the environment. Our aim is not only to create enjoyment for everyone who comes to share in Glas-Denbury, from wherever you may come, but to create something lasting for the community. To bring together the myriad of incredible talents the area has to offer. To give opportunity to all to partake in creating something that feeds your soul. We are creating a small, unique bubble of kindness that champions local artists, businesses and charities. We provide opportunities for small businesses to develop alongside us. The last few years we have seen people develop their own businesses through having been given the opportunity to work at Glas-Denbury and we want want to continue to benefit local businesses in the area; our suppliers, supporters, staff, pubs, bed and breakfasts, hotels and camp sites. We are passionate about what we do and why we are doing it and we believe in supporting people and our community in any way we can; through sponsorship, ticket donations for fundraising, practical support where necessary also by giving a platform to charities from which they can fundraise or raise awareness through a pitch at the festival or through our social media platforms. We really do what we do out of a passion for life and people. It’s simple really.


July 5th & 6th 2019

Fairfield Farm, Denbury, nr Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6DQ