“Never doubt that a small group of thoughful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead, Anthropologist                            


Deep in the depths of the beautiful Devon countryside, a little piece of magic is being cultivated.  Of course we all know that magic runs through the heart of Devon in so many ways – with so many festivals and events, beautiful towns and villages, stunning scenery from the moors to the sea.  We know there are people, especially in Devon, who have a vision of how the world could be a kinder, happier, safer place.  Glas-Denbury is magic created by this kind of people, who have a passion for others and life.  A cross between a traditional Devon village fayre and a nod to the festivals of yesteryear; uncommercialised, small and personal.  Glas-Denbury is the vision of a group of friends who have created and continue to create and develop with a unequivocal passion, a small, wonderful, safe, happy, family friendly music festival in the most beautiful Devon setting. Glas-Denbury is about family, about collaberation, about kindness, about local, about Devon, and above all about people coming together and creating a wonderful place of smiles.


Whether you are a seasoned festival addict or maybe a family just dipping your toes in the festival scene, we are guaranteed to make you smile! We may not be the biggest festival out there but we do have the biggest heart and the most passion about what we are striving to create for you. We can promise you a safe, happy, uplifting event! We are all about local and champion and handpick some of the South West’s best artists and bands, whilst also bringing in fabulous and quirky artists from all over the UK to entertain and surprise you!  We want you to be entertained, enthralled, mystified and enlightened.  We want to create smiles and happiness over everyone who steps foot through our gates and give you a weekend that you wish could go on forever.  We enjoy breaking the boundaries between the audience and performers as it is ultimately the artists and the audience that create the festival – we just stage it for you all! So come and let your hair down and enjoy all the fabulous  entertainment and activities we have on site including free workshops, lots of activities and entertainers, performance poetry, crafts and so much more throughout the weekend.  Whether you are a family with young children, a family with teenagers, or a group of adults who just want to leave the children at home and come and party, then there really is something for you all.

We are constantly developing the event, slowly and carefully, to create the perfect place for everyone as much as we possibly can.  It’s actually impossible to please everyone as we all know, but we will strive to ensure that whoever you are, whatever time you go and whichever stages you choose to see, you will see incredible performers, artists and musicians and come away with a sense of happiness and fulfilment, and a smile on your face! So come dance in the daisies, sing in the sunshine and shake your glittery hips!


Our pledge to the community we exist and are situated in;


Glas-Denbury is run by a group of people from Denbury who are passionate about the village of Denbury and its unique, amazing community. It strives continuously to be of benefit to Denbury and the wider community around it in so many ways with as little impact as possible to the environment. Our aim is not only to create enjoyment for everyone who comes to share in Glas-Denbury, from wherever you may come, but to create something lasting for the community. To bring together the myriad of incredible talents the area has to offer. To give opportunity to all to partake in creating something that feeds your soul. We are creating a small, unique bubble of kindness that champions local artists, businesses and charities. We provide opportunities for small businesses to develop alongside us. The last few years we have seen people develop their own businesses through having been given the opportunity to work at Glas-Denbury and we want want to continue to benefit local businesses in the area; our suppliers, supporters, staff, pubs, bed and breakfasts, hotels and camp sites. We are passionate about what we do and why we are doing it and we believe in supporting people and our community in any way we can; through sponsorship, ticket donations for fundraising, practical support where necessary also by giving a platform to charities from which they can fundraise or raise awareness through a pitch at the festival or through our social media platforms. We really do what we do out of a passion for life and people. It’s simple really.


Meet Glas-Denbury’s friends! We are passionate about collaberation and support within the community and it is people from all walks of life who come together to plan, build, decorate and run the festival.  It is truly awe inspiring to watch what a group of humans can achieve together for the benefit of others.


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Production delivered by;
Power & Pyro / Insonify / Southwest stages / dBs Plymouth / KTown Acoustics / L & A Lighting




“A proper pucker decent down to earth happy smiley local music festival.”

Review Alex Croft – July 2014 

“The list of bands, acts and artists at this years festival was varied, there really was something for every taste and age group, making Glas-Denbury THE go to festival for families of all ages, indeed, we saw children enjoying the entertainment and elderly folk, sat outside the bar, sipping a pint whilst watching the world go by.”

Review By Music Muso

“Glas-Denbury is a friendly and fun festival for all ages, loads to do for all the family, the kids entertainment was excellent and there really was something for everyone.”


July 7th – 9th 2017

Fairfield Farm, Denbury, nr Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6DQ