Full of wonderful things to browse, enjoy, eat and purchase from our handpicked food stalls, market traders, organisations and charity awareness stalls.  We want you to take the festival experience home with you to hug the beautiful festival memories you create whilst at Glas-Denbury! A multitude of goodies await you in the colourful streetmarket of the Butterfly Bazaar…have a peep at who will be joining us this year….

Food & Drink

The Butterfly Bazaar has a myriad of quality food stalls using locally sourced ingredients  offering a multitude of delicious tempting foods to tantalise and tingle your tastebuds!  From Pizzas to Hog Roast, Thai to Mushrooms, Salads to Chips, Crepes, Snowcones and much more.  There really is something for everyone – plus plenty of options for little mouths and vegan/vegetarian, gluten free etc – we really have got something for everyone and your tastebuds will be so happy! So come and fill your boogying bellies and dancing shoes!

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar serves a wide range of drinks all at reasonable affordable prices.  We use local suppliers and offer a range of local real ale and cider and we have the friendliest Bar staff in the world! Come and have a drink with them – you never know when they may break into song!

Challenge 25 applies in all bars on site.

Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams willl serve a colourful selection of Cocktails, Prosecco, Gins and of course Pimms!

Challenge 25 applies in all bars on site.


Glas-denbury is passionate about lowering it’s carbon footprint & preserving our planet for future generations. We want to reduce the plastic that goes to landfill every year and make your drinking experience better, with a sturdier cup, at the same time. So we now have reuseable cups on site – a perfect take home souvenir!
“We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children – refill not landfill”
How does it work?  You pay a £1 cup deposit to get a cup.  Use it through the festival, replace with a clean one if you wish.  Either keep it as a souvenir or bring it back for a refund. 

Every piece of plastic ever made and disposed of in landfill – still exists.   Placing plastic in landfill contaminates our land.  Disposable plastic cups are one of the greatest pollutants in the world.   A disposable cup is used for an average of 20 minutes.  We need to treat plastic as a reusable commodity.  We need to meet high standards of low carbon usage and waste reduction.  We need to be using reusable rather than disposable products.  We need to stop plastic going into landfill where it takes thousands of years to biodegrade.

Auntie Moos Golden Guernsey Ice Cream

The beautiful Guernsey herd that lives on Fairfield Farm, the home of Glas-Denbury produce the milk that makes this award winning delicious creamy ice cream in a multitude of flavours.  Totally produced on the site at the farm, we spend all our time debating on our favourite flavour!  www.auntie-moos.co.uk

Thai Style Thai

Every year we look forward to welcoming back Steve & the girls who serve up a delicious assortment of Thai foods; Massamam Chicken Curry with Rice, Thai Green Curry with Chicken & Rice, Thai Chicken Satay, Stir Fried Rice Noodles, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Thai Fishcakes, Egg Fried Rice Vegetarian or with Chicken or Prawns and lots more! https://www.facebook.com/khwanjitpanchan/

Rebel Town Pizza

The Rebel team started their journey from humble beginnings cooking pizzas in a Devon farmhouse garden for friends and family and soon evolved into one of the best pizza stalls we have come across.  We are delighted they are back again in 2017 with their hand crafted pizzas from the West Country.  Their wood fired pop-up pizzeria srves authentic thin crust pizza using ingredients sourced from across the South West. Their open kitchen offers a unique and interactive cooking experience for all events. They believe in food that is fresh and tasty and make all their own dough and pizza sauce using only the finest local ingredients. http://www.rebeltownpizza.co.uk/

Chunk of Devon Pies

Award winning Chunk make and bake outstanding pasties – not Cornish pasties but Devon ones! Multi Award winners for both their pies and pasties, Chunk of Devon believe that food should be simple, tasty and natural. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and Chunk says “When you’ve got fantastic natural produce why spoil their flavours with additives and other junk? So we don’t”. The result? – Pies, pasties, pork pies and sausage rolls that taste absolutely awesome! http://www.chunkofdevon.co.uk/all-products/


Little Marrakesh-Street Food South West

Using high quality ingredients to bring a Marrakesh street market to you – authentic, modern, classic Moroccan street food from around the world. Serving melt in the mouth Marrakesh flatbreads with Saffron infused Shawarma Chicken, Moroccan slow cooked Lamb, Vegan Chickpea Tagine and a rainbow of fresh vegetables and spices. http://www.streetfoodsouthwest.com

The Pig Apple

Free range wessex saddlebacks slow roasted for hours for a succulent end. They pile the pork high in freshly baked rolls from their favourite bakers and serve a delicious sweet devon cider apple chutney alongside. Plus, if you’d like any other bits on top they won’t disappoint. How about their handmade red cabbage, red onion and fennel slaw, rocket salad or a good old-fashioned herb stuffing? So many choices, but let’s not forget the best bit…crispy and oozing crackling! www.the-pig-apple.com

Dorothy’s Salads and Cakes

Serving delicious salads including Strawberry & Feta Salad made up of Quinoa, Strawberries, Sunflower Seeds, Spring Onions, Feta, Spinach with Strawberry & Lime Vinaigrette, or maybe Tropical Srirachi Chicken Salad with Pineapple, Srirachi Marinated Chicken, Avocado, Tomatoes, Spinach, Red Onion and a Srirachi Dressing.  Dorothy’s serve a beautiful selection of unusual and delicious salads also including Vegan Fruit & Broad Bean Salad, Greek Salad, Spinach and Quinoa Salad,  And as you have been so good having salad, why not finish off with one of their delicious cakes – wait for it…Ferrero Rocher Cak,e Rainbow Cake, Oreo Cake, Cherries & Berries, Malteser Cake, Chocolate Caramel Cake, Pistachio Cake, Coconut Cake, Gluten Free Apple Cake or Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Vegan Cheesecake and many many more! www.dorothysafternoontea.co.uk

The Humble Egg

What came first? The chicken or the egg? Well for The Humble Egg it was definitely the egg!  The first culinary experience they shared together was a brunch at their friends.  The eggs were from the chickens that ran free in their garden.  Poached, scrambled or fried they were in for a treat…. The idea for The Humble Egg was born!   Living in the South Hams in Devon we are spoilt with fabulous local produce and terrific free range eggs. The company was driven on by their desire to serve decent, local food that would be appealing to many.  Whenever possible they will endeavour to support our local farmers and food producers but they will ALWAYS guarantee that the eggs we serve you are fresh, free range and locally sourced.  They are also proud of our packaging which is 100% compostable.  Let’s keep our countryside green! The Humble Egg philosophy is simple; fresh local ingredients, cooked well, presented beautifully – anything from Eggs Benedict to Eggs Royale, all day breakfast baps, Omelettes and more! www.thehumbleegg.co.uk


 Seasonal Samosas

Seasonal Samosas is a North Devon based family run catering business born from Nin’s love of ethnic cooking and Tom’s passion for gardening. The vegetables that are used in their cooking are all grown locally; the majority of it is grown in their own Indian garden.  They believe in an organic, sustainable, low carbon growing method to ensure their food is healthy and tasty; they even use a flock of Indian runner ducks as pest control!  Their dishes are the combination of age old secret Punjabi recipes mixed with fresh Devon produce and a British twist. The secret to their unique taste is in the ‘Garam Masala’; a mix of spices that is individual to families and handed down from mother to daughter over generations.  While the food is fried it is still incredibly healthy as the freshness is captured and held in during cooking. The main ingredients in all their products are vegetables and the Pakoras and Tikkis are suitable for people with gluten intolerances due to the use of gram flour, they also offer a gluten free samosa option made using rice flour.  They will be offering Samosas: Pastry filled with seasonal vegetables and their own spice blend, They sell a few variaties including the ‘Punjabi’, the ‘seasonal’ and the ‘Gobi’. Pakora: Sliced seasonal vegetables mixed in their own gram flour and spice mix and fried.  Tikki: A Punjabi snack with a spice and seasonal vegetable filing dipped in their gram flour and spice mix and fried.  Indian Crepes: A sweet pastry fiiled with a variety of fillings including ‘banana and chocolate’, ‘apple and blackberry’ and ‘summer berries’ served with Devonshire clotted cream and ice cream.  All savoury dishes are served with an Indian salad and Seasonal Samosas own chutney.


The Donut Man

A rainbow display of hot, fresh donuts with a choice of toppings, plus The Donut stack – with Belgian Chocolate and Strawberries, plus marshmallow and strawberry kebabs covered in Belgian chocolate and toppings!


Churros R Us

Serving Churros, a traditional Spanish dessert, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and served with a little cup of delicious melted Belgian chocolate to dip your Churros in! At Churros R Us, Churros is their religion, but they are also religious about their chocolate. Chocolate, the very word brings joy totheir hearts, and smiles to their faces! They insist on using only the highest-grade fairtrade certified Belgian chocolate to bring you a seriously good thick hot chocolate sauce  that would not only stand as a worthy accompaniment to our sublime churros, but provides an experience to savor on its own. Churros are dairy free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.



The most divine traditional homemade fudge and frownies we have ever tasted! Lots of flavours including Clotted cream, Rum and raisin, White chocolate & Baileys, Malteser, Lemon Merigue and Marmite! www.cootealicious.com


Last year these amazing snowcones were a godsend in the July heat! So as we anticipate another scorcher of a weekend, we are so glad Stephen and his team are back with this fabulous stand serving Hawaiin shaved ice cones, slush drinks and Alcoslushies. Gloriously multi coloured and just the thing to cool us all down in the summer heat!


Moo Moo Milkshakes

So many flavours and toppings on our fresh cool milkshakes and they also sell hot chocolate!


My Fabulous Things is a collection of hand made jewellery, clothing and accessories. They stock a range of brands from Apara Bijoux Jewellery, Treaty Boutique Jewellery to the beautiful Miss Shorthair scarf ranges and Italian clothing from the well established “Made in Italy” brand, that is made from the best quality Italian linens, cottons and wools.​



Flagseller Devon provides all the fantastic flags you see on site at Glas-Denbury.   They are the most innovative flag kite windsock and flagpole festival retailer/  Based in Exeter they attend all manner of events from music festivals , automotive events and bike and scooter rallies in the UK and Europe.  They are specialists and innovators as flag , pole , windsock and kite retailers. They constantly strive to improve our range to come up with new and exciting ways to display flags and windsocks . This family business has traded at many of the top VW shows and festivals since 2006 and are a family business. Their range is always changing, and they  also specialise in many lifestyle products too .  You can order online to collect at Glas-Denbury or of course they have a trade unit where items can be collected but please contact them first to arrange times.  



Hepzibah is based in Dartmouth.  We adore her work and are thrilled she is joining us this year.

“My work blurs the distinction between human and animal. I explore this boundary through the visual domain of dreamscapes. The term ‘dream’ for me, umbrellas all domains of our mind space, including those of fantasy and imagination; dreams are the world in which we live our ‘other’ lives; the lives of our psyche.Through the visual mutability of human and animal, my work attacks the fabric of the definition of ‘human’; I strive to redefine the human from something ‘other’, something ‘superior’, to another mammal living and surviving on a shared planet. I use art as a means of evoking imagined and dreamed spaces and bodies, with the capacity for fluid and dynamic metamorphosis. In the loudness of everyday life, we forget the truth of our animal status; by grafting and interchanging human and animal, my work acts as a reminder that humans are no more, than a ubiquitous, plague-like, mammal.”



Mehndi or “Mehendi” is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant.  

Alice is a fine art student and her talent and passion for mhendi began when someone passed her a henna cone at the age of 12 and she instantly fell in love with this beautiful art.
Her stunning designs are intricately detailed and have been inspired by traditional Mehndi designs she learnt whilst on a visit to Jaipur and New Delhi in India. These patterns will become darker by the hour, will naturally stain your skin and last for over a week.
Contact; alicetwamley@gmail.com






Kaleidoscope Skies provides all manner of colourful goods, from hippy style clothing to hand made jewellery and suncatchers, also bags festival hats etc.



A lovingly picked selection of gorgeous ladies clothing, pretty footwear and accessories. Their gorgeously quirky shop in Chagford – Filly and Bounder – is packed full of delights by brands such as Cream Clothing, Mistral, Braintree, Bohemia, Adini, Joules and Liza’s Jewellery.



A wonderful range of pocket money toys including bubble guns and wands, rubix cubes, balls. LED flashing goods, festival headwear and hair accessories.




We are an upcoming fashion retailers based in the UK, offering only the best quality in apparel and accessories. Quirky, unique and appealing, they offer Clothing including dresses, playsuits, shirts and tops. Unique and handmade jewellery, hats, sunglasses, bandanas and headbands and  much more!




Based in North Devon, Silver & Sand produce and contemporary sterling silver jewellery including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.



A small family run business located in Cornwall, Englan selling fairtrade, ethically sourced items and hand made art and craft gifts.



Itsmebeads is a small, Devon based family business that started over 9 years ago, through a love of art and craft. Kate and her Mum Susan, plus also her Dad Chris (who likes to be known as Mr Grumpee! ) spend a lot of time as a family making and designing jewellery and accessories. Susan hand makes a lot of the clay beads which gives their jewellery a real earthy and unique quality. They pride themselves on being a friendly family unit and are always willing to discuss ideas and designs with customers. They also like to make sure all our designs are affordable to everyone so our prices range from £2-£20. Affordable quality!