With grass between your toes and music filling the air, there’s really no way you can go wrong! Each year we handpick some of the best bands and artists from the South West together with a sprinkle from afar to grace the multiple music stages we have!

We are committed to bringing a wide collection of music genres to you from acoustic driven rock & roll to Chap-Hop, delicate heart felt music to “rowdy” jump jive bands. Find stages with full on Disco beats from the 70s, 80s and 90s to others with cerebral vocals, tricksy horn licks with huge synths and earthy rhythms. Or perhaps off beat vibes made for moving the feet or ska, dub and swing.  Let us wrap you up in whatever music sets you free and know that this is your festival, swim in it. Open your ears to the sounds of our music.

The music kicks off at 7pm Friday and 11am Saturday. 

2017 artists included;



Music at Glas-Denbury ’17


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July 6th & 7th 2018