South West Toursim Excellence BRONZE Award Winners for “FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR 2018-2019”
Devon Tourism Excellence Award Winners for “FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR 2018”

“Glas-Denbury truly is a festival like no other. Never have I ever seen a place that oozes as much magic as this”


A massive thank you to all who come and share Glas-Denbury this with us! We truly hope you all have a ball each year; the photos and video footage coming out shows a lot of smiling, happy faces which we love seeing! Do send us your images, don’t forget to sign up below to be kept up to date with ticket info and news and please drop us a review if you loved it so we can share the word!

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“Sometimes there’s an event that punches a hole in the expected norm,Glas-Denbury does this in spades”


Deep in the depths of the beautiful Devon countryside, a little piece of magic happens every July. Of course all who are familiar with Devon, know that magic runs through the heart of the county in so many ways as it is a county of festivals and events, beautiful towns and villages, stunning scenery from the moors to the sea and full of people who have a vision of how the world can be a kinder, happier, safer place. Glas-Denbury brings all of beautiful Devon into one place, one beautiful green field backed by the majestic Dartmoor, under the shadow of Denbury Hilll and we are proud to say that that 2018 saw over a 90% line up of artists, entertainers, poets, workshops, food and drink, production, suppliers and more.   We are also proud to work to a strict sustainability policy which we are striving to build on each year as well as ensuring a 50/50 policy across the festival.
The multi award winning Glas-Denbury is totally independant  and has been built from the beginning without the aid of funding or sponsorship – built purely on lovem goodwill and a passion for creating something wonderful for the local and wider community to enjoy.  It is directed by Emma and run by a team of amazing people; Mums, Dads, students, Grandparents, young people and even young children get involved!  We may not be the biggest festival out there but we have the biggest hearts with which we create an incredibly family friendly, safe, happy, colourful inspirational place.  A nod to the family friendly festivals of yesteryear, Glas-Denbury showcases the best of the South West from its creativity to its food, its businesses to its people. So why not take a trip to our lovely part of the world, come and dance in the daisies, delight in the magic of Glas-Denbury, enjoy a weekend of colour, happiness, music & arts with your family and friends and make some new friends along the way!
As well as showcasing the best of the South West, we also love bringing in fabulous and quirky artists from all over the UK to entertain and surprise you!  From the “Quiet Dream” team that run the festival, to the people on the stages, from the food served to the drink offered at the bars, we want you to be enthralled, mystified, inspired and enlightened and we want to create smiles and happiness in all who come to join us.   Come and let your hair down and enjoy all the fabulous entertainment and activities we have on site including free workshops, lots of activities and entertainers, performance poetry, crafts and so much more throughout the weekend.  Whether you are a family with young children, a family with teenagers, or a group of adults who just want to leave the children at home and come and party, then there really is something for you all. We offer group discounts and complimentary carer tickets (subject to t&cs) so grab your family and friends and come and have fun!
Glastonbury may have been built on Ley lines, but Glas-Denbury is built on Love Lines!

Accessibility is extremely important to us at Glas-Denbury – we want everyone to be able to join us in the fields! We have a team on site dedicated to ensuring everyone has the easiest and best time and we offer many accessible services on site, working with our guests individual needs at all tmes.  We also offer Personal Assistance Tickets – subject to availability and an application deadline of May 5th 2019. Please click HERE for the GlasDenbury Accessibility statement with all the info you may need and click HERE for the Personal Assistant Ticket Application form.

This was our first family festival, and we had such a brilliant time. There was so much to do for adults and kids (ours are aged 2 & 5), great choice of food, and good camping – loads of space in the family field. In fact, I was v impressed by how uncrowded the whole festival & camping was – ie, there were clearly lots of people, and the atmosphere was great, but there was no cramming in, meaning that kids could leave your side a little and not get out of sight. Staff great too, and the whole thing was exactly as promised – felt very safe & welcoming. Will def be back in 2018!”  Stef – |Glas-Denbury visitor 2017


Fantastic little festival. plenty to do for the whole family. a good range of food including vegetarian and vegan options. all of the food vendors were well versed in allergies and we’re very helpful with all our enquiries. Very helpful and polite staff. The toilets were clean which is unheard of at festivals. There were plenty of different acts to cater for pretty much everyone,  but the best thing was that everyone was respectful and cleaned up after themselves. Lots of people enjoying themselves and not over indulging. can’t wait to come back next year” Justin – Glas-Denbury visitor 2017